Our transport optimisation and expert routing and scheduling consultants have access to a range of software which enables us to undertake a wide variety of transport evaluation studies from ‘centre of gravity’ models to optimising depot locations (numbers of, type, and geographical locations) to detailed routing and scheduling studies. We use detailed Routing and Scheduling Systems in order to ensure our transport optimisation and evaluation are robust and effective. We also supplement and augment our modelling with our extensive Transport Contract Rate Database and SCALA’s industry leading Cost and Performance Benchmarking.

Our consultancy assignments enable our clients to;

  • Compare current performance with potential
  • Quantify improvements
  • Evaluate “what if” scenarios
  • Evaluate backhaul, fronthaul, and collaboration opportunities
  • Identify optimum fleet size and vehicle mix
  • Quantify driver numbers, working times, and shifts
  • Quantify environmental impact

Our Transport optimisation consultants ensure that the correct precautions and foresights are taken so that changes can be made with minimum risk and the supply chain can operate as smoothly as possible, both in financial and environmental aspects.

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