European & UK Logistics Network Assessment

Global Temperature Controlled Food Manufacturer

Background & Brief

The client is a major frozen food supplier with production and storage facilities spread across the UK and Europe. Firstly, following some major global acquisitions SCALA was tasked with reviewing the European logistics network and identifying potential opportunities for cost reduction and efficiency improvement Secondly, as a further phase, to assess two further active acquisitions to re-assess the UK Logistics Network

Project Approach

The project approaches combined;
  • A review of the network structure to build a detailed picture of production locations, storage arrangements, volumes and transport requirements
  • Assessment of product flow between countries and within countries
  • Location review of warehouse facilities for customer deliveries
  • Centre of gravity modelling for potential new locations
  • Assessing various contract arrangements and own operations
  • Strategy review of local vs scale manufacturing for common SKUs
  • Benefits & Results

    The benefits & results of the project included the following key outputs;
  • Confirmation of suitable existing warehouse locations
  • Costed evaluation of new or alternative locations, including transport and location factors
  • Recommendation made for consolidating specific locations, detailed strategy and potential benefits outlined
  • Review of capacity and ability to service new and expanding markets
  • SKU strategy review and recommendation
  • Final Outcome

    SCALA provided a comprehensive review of the existing networks and strategic overview with specific opportunities covering one area of Europe with financial and inventory benefit in the UK. The acquisitions were completed and the client then asked SCALA to undertake a detailed review of two acquisitions and opportunities for cost benefits were identified
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