Returns are growing in scale as more customers shop on line and return unwanted items to store or the original despatch point. Managed well, returns can be a positive customer experience and a controlled cost.

However, with ownership for returns often cutting across customer service, product development, sales, purchasing, quality, retail operations and logistics, it is easy for customer service to be compromised and non-optimal and costly solutions to be implemented.

SCALA can assist clients deliver plans to improve customer service and reduce costs reviewing customer/consumer facing activities, operational activities, customer relationships, optimal re-work and re-sale opportunities and establishing appropriate plan ownership.

Our capabilities enable our clients to;

  • Set achievable objectives and construct a plan for cost reduction and service enhancements
  • Quantify total cost of product returns, repairs, lost profit, logistics, processing, stockholding etc.
  • Construct change leadership strategy to ensure clear ownership of plan
  • Identify methodology to maximise income from resale of returns (and excess stock)
  • Review reasons for returns and methodology for reducing returns
  • Ensure data and technology are leveraged to improve customer experience, sales and profit
  • Review and assess social media feedback and establish plan to improve
  • Ensure adherence to all environmental legislation

An optimal reverse logistics solution ensures customer and consumer satisfaction at a minimised cost ensuring the supply chain operates as smoothly as possible, both in financial and environmental aspects. Understanding the detail of what that solution looks like is possible with SCALA’s expert Reverse Logistics consultants.

Experienced senior level supply chain consultants providing specialist expertise to clients. Working for leading companies in the UK, across Europe, US and China.

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