SCALA’s Logistics Consultants evaluate, design and develop optimised logistics strategies, driving logistics improvements to provide our clients with competitive business advantage by developing logistics infrastructures and operations that fully and effectively meet the needs of the business from current positions through to future scenarios

SCALA Consulting is partnered with LLamasoft

This enables SCALA to combine the highly experienced logistics consulting capability and operational experience with the global leading supply chain optimisation software.  This provides us with the capability to provide extensive detailed and comprehensive evaluations of complex integrated networks.

In addition, for smaller scale, more constrained projects SCALA has other modelling tools that can be tailored for specific client requirements

Our projects range from raw material supply through to customer or final consumer delivery, taking into account sourcing and manufacturing locations, customer service, and inventory levels in order to provide clear evaluation and quantification of network options with visibility of costs and capacities through each activity and location.

SCALA combine direct practical operations management experience with expertise in logistics network modelling and simulating alternative approaches. This allows us to develop practical and achievable supply chain infrastructures that are cost effective and will successfully support the business, providing resilience, environmental sustainability and agility to successfully meet future potential business scenarios

Projects objectives and deliverables include :

  • Increased supply chain and logistics resilience
  • Increased Agility to meet future scenarios
  • Reduced Operating and Capital/Financing Costs
  • Improved Customer Service – Product Availability and Order Responsiveness/Lead Times
  • Increased Sales and Profitability

Our evaluations will demonstrate the effect of trade-offs between costs and service, between manufacturing, stock, warehousing and transport, and assess the impact of “greenfield” options compared with retaining some or all of the current facilities.

Our assignments include preparing business cases, including resource levels, operating cost budgets, capital commitments, HR, IT and environmental impacts together with developing roadmaps and risk assessments.

SCALA evaluate site capabilities, resourcing, labour costs, warehousing and distributions costs, improvement and automation options etc and assess the potential costs and benefits of change together with the associated risks.  This includes roadmapping and evaluating all the transition steps in moving from current to optimal.

Experienced senior level supply chain consultants providing specialist expertise to clients. Working for leading companies in the UK, across Europe, US and China.

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