SCALA Supply Chain Consultants take a holistic view to assessing supply chain strategy.

Reasons for reviewing strategies range from M&A to increasing sales volumes, changes in routes to market and  product portfolios through to ever more demanding customer service requirements eg shorter lead times and smaller, more complex orders.  At the same time we ensure business resilience, environmental sustainability and the agility to successfully support the business across a range of possible future business scenarios.

In evaluating supply chain strategy it is essential to involve all functions across the business and to understand the current and anticipated future business objectives and strategies together with policies for

  • Sourcing, Procurement & Manufacturing
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • HR, IT & Finance

Our reviews of the supply chain includes are fully “end to end” from supplier or manufacturing locations through to end customers and consumers incorporating all Logistics Operations – Inbound Transport, Warehousing, Customer Delivery infrastructures as well as Inventory Management – where should inventory be held and how much in order to satisfy customer demand.

SCALA consultants’ focus is to ensure the supply chain is aligned to the business objectives and strategies and to develop an optimised supply chain structure and organisation which is both efficient and sustainable and will provide a solid basis for the company to develop the business successfully.

Experienced senior level supply chain consultants providing specialist expertise to clients. Working for leading companies in the UK, across Europe, US and China.

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