SCALA are partnered with Ocean Group to run SCALA China JV providing World Class Supply Chain Best Practice in China.

The company brings together global supply chain expertise and best practice with in depth understanding of Chinese supply chains. We adapt and tailor best practice and latest developments to Chinese requirements and implement a supply chain ecosystem to meet the challenges of an increasingly demanding and complex marketplace both within China and around the world.

The approach includes;

World Class Procurement, Supply Chain and Logistics Consultants
including Supply Chain Strategy, Optimisation, Transport Systems through to Warehouse Design

Supply Chain Best Practice Groups
to share best practice from around the world and between Chinese companies

Supply Chain Benchmarking
to establish and compare Key Performance Indicators and areas for improvement opportunity

Supplier & Sourcing Management
including supply chain governance for western companies importing from China

Market Channel Development

– For Chinese companies buying imported products

– For Chinese companies selling to export markets

– For UK-European companies selling into the Chinese market

– For UK-European companies buying Chinese products

Business Visits to UK – Education & Training

The SCALA China Team

  • Co-chaired by John Perry of SCALA and Tiger Wang of Ocean (owners of their businesses)
  • Managing Director – Phil Reuben

Phil is an Executive Director for SCALA Group and has extensive experience of sourcing products from china for the global market and has over 100 visits to China including setting up manufacturing sites.

  • The China Consulting Team includes :

Leo Shen – Project Director & Supply Chain Management

Ted Shen – Automation & Warehouse Design

Tyson Liu – Lean Logistics

Zhihai Yang – Supply Chain Process & IT Systems

Richard Wang – M&A – Financial

Shaun He – M&A – Supply Chain Integration

David Li – Detailed E-Comm & Picking Systems

Jun Lin – Logistics Operations

Gary Shen – Supply Chain Integration

Biao Wang (UK-Sino Trade)

  • Additionally SCALA UK expert consultants work with the Chinese based consulting team building skills and capabilities and co-ordinating with our Chinese & Global clients.
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