SCALA Consulting’s annual supply chain “Cost and Service Performance” benchmarking involves many of the top brand companies in the UK and allows them to compare their performances with similar organisations and competitors from their own market sector and from other complementary sectors. Cost and Service Performance Benchmarking are approaches that have proved hugely beneficial for businesses wishing to improve their efficiency and cost base, and to ensure the right levels of customer service

The SCALA methodology ensures all the information is assured as totally confidential to each company and involves comprehensive data collection with a verification process that ensures meaningful comparisons can be drawn to identify and drive improvements.

The benchmarking comparisons are undertaken annually and incorporate more than 40 different key performance indicators (KPIs) encompassing forecasting, inventory, customer service, logistics costs, and performance ratios.

Proven Methodology

  • SCALA acts as the “Trusted Neutral” for our clients
  • All data and results are entirely confidential
  • All reports and findings are totally anonymous
  • Comparisons with peers and competitors

Proven Benefits

  • Identification and quantification of improvement
  • Understanding best practices
  • Focus on key priorities
  • Profile of strengths and weaknesses
  • 0ver 40 Detailed cost and service comparisons

SCALA Consulting also maintain a comprehensive and fully anonymised database of logistics costs showing both typical and best in class costs by activity

Experienced senior level supply chain consultants providing specialist expertise to clients. Working for leading companies in the UK, across Europe, US and China.

Example Outputs

Costs as % of Sales

Customer Service

Relevant Case Studies

Benchmarking 3PL Contract

Manufacturer of Home Décor Products

Benchmarking 3PL Contract

Manufacturer of Home Appliances

Benchmarking of Logistics Contract Rates

Global Branded Grocery Manufacturer

Primary Transport RFP Management

Major Scale UK Branded Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturer

Benchmarking Logistics Contract Commercials

Major Distributor in Drinks Industry

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