Primary Transport RFP Management

Major Scale UK Branded Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturer

Background & Brief

The client was in year four of a ten year contract of its Primary Transport operation and within the contract had the ability to execute a market RFP which could lead to the award of categories of the activity to alternative 3pls. SCALA was appointed to manage the full RFP process, to evaluate the bids against the current situation and to provide a recommendation as to future direction. The project required SCALA to work very closely with the client and with their logistics partner who they had a long term relationship with.

Project Approach

  • Understand the operation (which had a number of aspects to it as well as being of significant scale) – working with the client and their logistics partner. Establish the current cost base per category.
  • Identify potential future partners, create and issue the ITT/RFP. Ensure bidding companies understood the RFP/ITT.
  • Challenge and probe ITT/RFP responses.
  • Evaluate the ITT/RFP responses, compare against the current operation and cost base.
  • Provide results to client with recommended course of action.
  • Benefits & Results

  • The project identified that the client was gaining overall value from their current logistics partner, but did identify a number of efficiency opportunities.
  • The project was carefully managed so that the relationship between the client and the logistics partner was not disturbed.
  • Final Outcome

    The client, on the recommendation of SCALA left all activities with their current partner but are investigating the efficiency opportunities with them.
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