SCALA’s Supply Chain Environmental Sustainability team are passionate about the future of our planet and business ethics.  We are determined to combine these passions with our supply chain expertise to make a difference both in our own business activities and to ensure our clients are aware of the environmental sustainability impact of decisions they may be considering and to assist in their improvement path.

For Our Clients

Our research shows that while companies are now often measuring Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, few have extended this into Scope 3 and the wider Supply Chain emissions.   These supply chain emissions are often more significant than the Scope 1 & 2 emissions but are much more difficult to measure and require real understanding and visibility of the supply chain complexities:

SCALA have undertaken a number of specific client projects looking at logistics operations carbon emissions and the environmental impact of future supply chain strategies including:

SCALA consultants ensure every project they undertake for their clients includes an environmental impact assessment which is presented in project conclusions alongside the key cost, service and flexibility implications

SCALA have partnered with Compare Your Footprint a leading software system which fully quantifies a company’s total carbon footprint. The system is kept fully up to date with the latest government emissions factors and  SCALA tailor the supply chain emissions module to handle the complexities enabling companies to both measure and improve their supply chain carbon footprint.

As an example of the approach SCALA has on sustainability and environmental logistics, the presentation below produced by senior consultant Catherine Weetman (a recognised leader in Supply Chain Environmental Consulting) for our conference in China addresses the concerns and challenges of enabling a clean, low-carbon world, and the impact of the emissions around the planet.

Experienced senior level supply chain consultants providing specialist expertise to clients. Working for leading companies in the UK, across Europe, US and China.

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Future-Fit Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation focused on helping businesses become truly sustainable through the achievement of ambitious sustainability goals, based on systems science and aligned with the 17 United Nations SDGs.

As an Accredited Partner, our SCALA Environmental Consultants are able to assist other companies on their Future-Fit journey.

Future-Fit Founder, Martin Rich, presented at our Extraordinary Supply Chain Best Practice event on 30th June 2021 – his presentation can be viewed here.

People - Planet - Profit

People: SCALA recognises its responsibility to all directors, consultants, employees and associates as well as our clients, our suppliers, the community where we do business and any other person who may be impacted by the work we do. SCALA will ensure a safe, healthy and fair workplace for all employees.

Planet: SCALA is working to reduce its ecological footprint by reducing consumption, waste and emissions both within SCALA as a business and also by taking responsibility for raising awareness in the wider community of our clients

Profit: SCALA recognises its duty to use its profits to help the broader community through compensating employees fairly, using local businesses, generating innovation and ensuring ethical decisions are made regarding sourcing.


Bcorp companies balance purpose and profit. They are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. Accreditation  is an extensive process but will ensure SCALA are fully and formally committed to achieving the sustainability goals