Mergers and Acquisitions Report 2023

Helping businesses navigate M&A


When undertaking Mergers and Acquisitions, the significant impact on supply chain and logistics operations can provide a plethora of challenges and benefits and yet is often overlooked.

In this new SCALA Good Practice guide, through experience, expertise and industry insights, we help businesses navigate this complex area.

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Robotics and Automation Report

The rise of robotics and automation in the supply chain


Unprecedented pressure on supply chains caused by a variety of external factors, combined with long-term labour shortages, means companies are having to reassess ways of working. SCALA has commissioned new research with over 50 businesses to examine the role automation and robotics technology is currently playing in the evolving supply chain.

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Supply Chain Sustainability Report

The Legacy of Lockdown


The disruption caused in the UK during 2020/2021 significantly altered supply chain thinking.

This report, based on a survey of manufacturers and suppliers, looks at how businesses have changed and specifically, as the focus moves once again to the climate crisis, how environmentally sustainable their supply chains are in the new, changed marketplace.  

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Third Party Logistics Report

Building Better Relationships for the Future


SCALA’s Third Party Logistics Report is based on a major UK survey to examine the relationship between 3PLs and their clients reviewing both the contracting process and ongoing relationships. The survey also considers the role of companies’ Procurement functions in the selection of 3PLs and the management of contracts

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The UK Logistics Report

Grocery and FMCG Sector


The UK Logistics Report provides insight into the current state of the logistics and supply chain in the UK. The report is based on a benchmarking exercise that we have carried out annually for the last 15 years, and focuses on the Grocery and FMCG sector, as well as findings and trends based on data from the UK’s major manufacturers.

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