SCALA Consulting was founded in 2001 with the name coming to company founder John Perry while he was at a pizza restaurant on a family holiday in Italy.

  • SCALA means Stairs; Escalator; Climbing step by step to the highest point – all synonymous with our objectives for assisting clients 
  • The three consonants SCL represent our core expertise – Supply Chain & Logistics
Since its formation the company has grown significantly and:
  • earned an excellent industry reputation for providing high quality supply chain and logistics expertise
  • now comprises:
    • an executive board of directors, all of whom have senior level business experience, are actively involved in all our consulting projects and are committed to the Triple Bottom Line
    • an expert consultant team providing a wide range of specific expertise and sector experience
    • a UK based head office team providing top quality support to our clients and to project management and control
    • SCALA China a team of supply chain consultants based in Suzhou, near Shanghai
  • now provides supply chain and logistics consulting to many leading international companies in the UK, Europe, US/Canada and the Far East.
  • is focussed on ensuring that our projects are carried out with sustainability and environmental factors as part of any decision making process

Our Values

SCALA’s experienced team is passionate about innovating supply chain improvements and providing independent objective expertise with professionalism, diligence, and integrity. We deliver robust practical solutions that optimise “end to end” supply chain efficiencies, whilst ensuring agility and flexibility to meet future requirements and provide resilience to unplanned events – all with environmental and sustainability as a top priority.

Our philosophy is to create close working relationships with our clients, combining our external experience, expertise and project capabilities with our clients’ own business knowledge.  This approach delivers innovative step change improvements with practical solutions, jointly developed which meet future operational and business requirements and drive real tangible commercial benefits.

We are always very happy to develop transition plans and to take direct responsibility for implementation and achieving agreed benefits.

Meeting Future Business Demands

SCALA understands that our clients operate in competitive and dynamic markets, and must therefore be constantly adapting to meet new challenges. Meeting future business demands is not only crucial for us as a company, but imperative for the industry.

SCALA projects assist our clients addressing concerns and opportunities around a range of changing requirements, including;

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Future growth and development
  • Increased E-Comm
  • Enhancing customer services
  • Managing product portfolios
  • Smaller and more complex customer orders
  • Shorter lead times
  • Environmental Initiatives

SCALA ensures supply chain and logistics are organised and optimised to enable businesses to successfully meet the increasing demands of dynamic, highly competitive markets.

Implementing best practice

Meeting future business demands

Delivering real commercial benefits

Our Industry Wide Involvement

With the current uncertainties resulting from Covid19 and the acceleration in changes in consumer behaviour, supply chain and logistics faces some of the biggest challenges yet. Over many years, SCALA have been keen to engender industry-wide discussion.

In addition to our industry supply chain best practice groups, SCALA introduced Covid19 response groups enabling companies to share and better understand all the many developments taking place.

SCALA also hold an industry leading Annual Supply Chain Debate attracting senior industry professionals to come together each year to discuss and debate the challenges of the changing marketplace.

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