Pre-Acquisition – Supply Chain Evaluation

Private Equity Group

Background & Brief

This Private Equity group who already owned a major supplier of Bakery products in Europe was considering the acquisition of two similar types of business in the US. SCALA were called in by the Private Equity group to work with the companies to establish the potential for synergistic benefits and the value of such benefits

Project Approach

The evaluation was led by a SCALA Executive Director and incorporated a wide range of aspects and challenged a wide range of key factors :-
  • Manufacturing Locations & Facilities
  • Production Efficiencies
  • Product Ranges & Inventory Optimisation
  • Route to Market
  • Logistics Synergy Opportunities
  • IT Capabilities
  • Customer Service Levels
  • Benefits & Results

    SCALA identified for the client the potential synergy benefits that could be achieved together with
  • A detailed Financial Forecast
  • A detailed plan for Facilities rationalisation and improvement
  • A change management plan
  • Final Outcome

    As a result of SCALA’s work the Private Equity group proceeded with both the acquisitions and the SCALA Director is leading the integration and wider company developments
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