The Next Ten Years in Supply Chain – what will be the key to success?

SCALA is hosting its 20th Annual Supply Chain Debate on 21st June at the prestigious Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry. Discussions will revolve around the speakers’ predictions for the next ten years for supply chains, 10 years on from its last debate on the topic.

Expert speakers include Gavin Chappell, COO at Bensons for Beds, Sharon Hammond, head of distribution & transport at B&M Retail, Rebecca Attoe-Butt, supply chain lead Europe at Versuni, David Cebon, director at Centre for Sustainable Road Freight, and Audrey Limery, founder and CEO of Kweevo.

Prof. Neil Ashworth, Chair/NED of 2San and Chris Clowes, consultant at SCALA and CEO of Stowga are also both returning to speak, 10 years on from the 10th anniversary debate.

The event, expecting over 150 senior supply chain professionals in attendance, is hoping to highlight key issues including, but not limited to, sustainability, the rise of automation and the future of transport operations.

John Perry, managing director at SCALA, commented: “When you look back at the topics discussed at the 10th anniversary debate, they were largely focused on customers and how supply would be driven by their demands. In 2013, we couldn’t have predicted the unprecedented disruption supply chains have faced in the last few years with the pandemic, Brexit, the crisis in Ukraine and more devastating businesses.

“This debate is set in an entirely different climate with pressure showing no sign of lessening for businesses, transforming the talking points of the debate completely.

“But also, SCALA has changed significantly in this time. We’ve evolved from our initial roots as a boutique consultancy focused largely on logistics in the UK food and drink sector to now being run by an immensely experienced board of executive directors, supported by a team of senior supply chain and logistics consultants offering a range of services covering the end-to-end supply chain.

“This debate will reflect the changes we have all experienced in the last 20 years and give us an opportunity to tackle some future challenges head on with some well-respected industry experts.”

To find out more information about the debate and to buy a ticket, please visit:

The event is sponsored by GXO and in association with The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.

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