SCALA continues its international expansion with strategic US partnership

SCALA has solidified its presence in the US by partnering with industry expert Wolf Liebchen.

With 30+ years of experience across supply chains, 3rd party logistics, RFQ management, process consulting, and project management, Wolf has been appointed by SCALA to head up its US office. This follows an increase in enquiries for US support.

Wolf has previously held roles at Minolta and DHL, amongst others, and has since gone on to provide supply chain and logistics consultancy across a wide range of sectors in the US. He has provided support on projects including supply chain outsourcing, RFQ design and project management, process enhancement, supply chain efficiency projects, sustainability, and more.

Wolf also has been a pioneer in developing a sustainability and green supply chain consulting practice, including warehouse and transport emissions calculations. This has led to a solid capability increase and a renewed push into this exciting field, eagerly supported by forward looking clients and partners.

SCALA has been expanding its international offering in recent years with bases in Germany and China already secured. This allows it to support existing UK clients with international projects and take on European, Asian, and now US specific consultancy projects.

Wolf Liebchen said: “I knew from the first call with the SCALA team that we had the same goals and customer centric approach when it came to the industry. I look forward to guiding and supporting UK and EU based companies seeking to maximize growth in the US, and building a solid base to expand from, alongside SCALA.”

John Perry, managing director at SCALA, commented: “Solidifying a presence in the US has been a topic of discussion for a few years, with many UK businesses coming to us with US consultancy needs. Expanding the supply chain to include the US market can be daunting for UK and European businesses for various reasons. To aid our existing and future clients in this process we knew we could benefit from the expertise of Wolf. With his impressive career achievements, he offers us a great opportunity to enhance our international service offering.”

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