SCALA CHINA – A New Joint Venture

John Perry and Phil Reuben have just returned from a highly successful visit to China and meetings with almost 60 Automotive Suppliers and Automotive Manufacturers plus a number of Electric Products manufacturers.  John and Phil were also guests at a conference of 1000 Logistics professionals in Suzhou.

Phil addresses the audience during a Best Practice conference in Suzhou.

SCALA are now delighted to announce their partnership with Ocean Group to form a new joint venture SCALA CHINA, bringing World Leading Supply Chain Best Practice to China.  A full new website in Chinese will be available soon, in the meanwhile, in summary;

The company brings together global supply chain expertise and best practice with in depth understanding of Chinese supply chains.  Our objective is to adapt and tailor best practice and latest developments to Chinese requirements and implement a supply chain ecosystem to meet the challenges of an increasingly demanding and complex marketplace both within China and around the world.  The approach comprises;

  • Supply Chain Best Practice Groups – to explore best practice between Chinese companies compared with around the world
  • Supply Chain Benchmarking – to establish and compare Key Performance Indicators and areas for improvement opportunity
  • World Class Consulting – in Procurement, Supply Chain, Logistics and Customer Service including Demand Driven and Cost to Serve
  • Market Channel Development (For Chinese companies buying imported products, for Chinese companies selling to export markets, for UK-European companies selling into the Chinese market, and for UK-European comapnies buying Chinese products.
  • Business Visits to UK – Education & Training

Managing Director

Phil Reuben – SCALA

  • Phil is an Executive Director for SCALA Group and has extensive experience of sourcing products from china for the global market and has over 100 visits to China including setting up manufacturing sites.
  • The team comprises SCALA expert consultants who will work with the Chinese based team building skills and capabilities, and working directly with our Chinese clients

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