Taking First Steps towards a Net Zero Supply Chain

SCALA recently held an Extraordinary Best Practice Forum focused on the theme of “Taking First Steps towards a Net Zero Supply Chain”.

We were delighted to be joined by Martin Rich, co-founder of Future-Fit Foundation and Muryel Boulay, Senior Associate Consultant at SCALA and owner of B Other Wise. 

Martin presented a “big picture” systemic view of how companies should and can start to see things differently with regard to how businesses are run and how the Future-Fit goals can put a framework to this process. 

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Muryel then narrowed the focus down to a practical level, looking at some of the tools that businesses are currently using to put a framework around their sustainability journey through a process of materiality analysis, ensuring measurability, transparency and accountability. 

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SCALA believe that progress can be accelerated through collaboration and the sharing of best practice and we will be continuing our sessions to help clients manage their sustainability goals in our regular Forum sessions throughout the year.

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