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Customer “Cost to Serve”

Customer “Cost to Serve”

With increasingly varied and complex supply chains and with unrelenting margin pressures it is increasingly important that companies understand their true cost to serve…by channel, by product, by customer, and by activity. Evaluating and quantifying a company’s true Cost to Serve and Customer Profitability should be integral to their overall decision-making.

SCALA Consulting can offer our clients the following advantages when it comes to Cost to Serve;

  • Clarifying the insights of Cost to Serve diagnostics and up-to-date data, rather than hours of data gathering and employing the use of averages
  • Ensuring that the true logistics Cost to Serve is understood in order to enable correct pricing and margin decision making
  • Uncovering efficiency opportunities
  • Understanding true customer profitability, both what it could be and how it could be achieved
  • Improving client budgeting and accrual processes
  • Enabling “What If?” scenarios and analysis

Cost to Serve
With increasingly varied and complex supply chains taking precedent in the industry (often coupled with unrelenting margin pressures), SCALA Consulting realise how difficult it can be for companies to understand their true Cost to Serve, but also how effective and advantageous a true understanding of Cost To Serve can be for a business.

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