Strong global reputation and expertise sees SCALA double its international offering

SCALA has expanded its global presence with a string of recent international projects. 

Through a combination of client referrals and a growing international reputation from successful projects, SCALA’s global presence has increased significantly, with international business projects having more than doubled when compared to pre-Covid levels.

The business has recently delivered work in countries such as Australia, France, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Mexico, Indonesia and Turkey. SCALA also has a number of upcoming projects across Europe, Malaysia, China, Ireland and the US, spanning a variety of industries.

Reflecting the diverse needs of the supply chain and logistics sector at the present, SCALA’s recent project scope includes logistics network infrastructure optimisation, supply chain compliance monitoring, route to market, supply chain restructuring, and automated warehouse design.

John Perry, managing director at SCALA, commented on the expansion: “Global events such as Covid-19, Brexit, and the Suez Canal crisis and more recently the war in Ukraine have really heightened awareness of the need for continued resilience in the supply chain over the past few years.

The international marketplace has therefore become increasingly changeable due to the connected nature of the world in 2022 and we have seen a real need in the industry for our expertise. Making our services available to an international market has meant that in just a short period, our international business has more than doubled.

“As well as the effort from our international team, this expansion has been a result of our UK based clients referring us to their global counterparts and so it has been encouraging to see the fruits of our domestic labour bearing international recognition. The international team itself has been growing quickly and now includes consultants with high-level and specialist international experience.”   

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