SCALA sees significant M&A revenue boost

SCALA has seen a significant growth in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity over the past year, with it now accounting for 30% of its business activity.

In the last year 11 M&A projects have been undertaken with seven different businesses, which has resulted in a two-fold increase in revenue from M&A related work, when compared to the previous year.

With projects largely in the general merchandise and food and drink sectors, the growth in M&A activity can largely be attributed to the rapidly changing marketplace caused by the pandemic and other global disruptors. This has led to more businesses seeking opportunities for cost savings and confidence that their supply chain can cope with changing conditions.

SCALA has helped numerous UK and global businesses to greatly minimise the business risk associated with mergers and acquisitions by identifying and quantifying improvement opportunities and ensuring supply chains are resilient and fit for purpose in an environment of ever-developing markets and changing social behaviours.

Commenting on the growth, John Perry, managing director, said: “The pandemic and other global challenges have truly heightened the need for M&A activity. The unpredictable market has made many businesses concerned about the resilience of their supply chains.

“Our M&A experts have supported many businesses throughout the past two years, optimising end-to-end systems and contractual procedures, product, and supply benefits, as well as ensuring continuous improvement and achieving best practice, scale and synergy benefits.

“We will likely see M&A activity continue to grow with the ever-changing geo-political situation continuing to create new supply chain challenges that we can support businesses with”.

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