Warehouse Automation and Robotics Survey

SCALA are undertaking a survey to establish industry views on automation and robotics in warehousing operations.  We are keen to understand the experience of businesses to date and their future expectations

Operational requirements are having to adapt rapidly to the changing customer marketplace; businesses need the ability to increase capacity, capability and efficiency levels.  

At the same time the industry is experiencing shortages both in new warehouse space availability and in staff availability.

In parallel, there is an increasing range of automation on the market that provides more flexibility in both implementation and operational deployment.

If you run one or more warehouses, whether you currently use automation or not, we would be really interested in your opinions.

All responses will be treated confidentially and our findings report will be fully anonymised.  All participants who provide email details will receive a copy of the report.

The survey can be found here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/Y5Y56WT

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