Mergers and Acquisitions: Securing strategies for supply chain success

SCALA has launched a complimentary good practice guide, which provides industry insights to help businesses navigate the complex supply chain implications of undertaking mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

Despite the M&A market experiencing instability in 2023, driving growth and transformation remains a top priority for business. However, undertaking such deals is not without risks and the supply chain and logistical implications are significant. The many moving parts and intricate stakeholder, supplier, and contractor networks that comprise supply chains can make acquiring or merging businesses an extremely complex undertaking, while the risks of getting it ‘wrong’ can have significant ramifications for all parties. Therefore, the new guide aims to provide an insight into how businesses can carefully analyse the opportunity, measure risks, develop an informed strategy, and transition to new ways of working beyond the completion of a deal.

Drawing on our 22 years of supply chain and logistics expertise, Mergers & acquisitions: Securing strategies for supply chain success compiles insights from SCALA’s experts and trusted partners. It explores factors that companies should consider before they embark on a merger or acquisition journey; and after the deal is done to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Taking a holistic look at supply chain and logistics operations in the context of M&A, the good practice guide examines key areas for assessment including manufacturing; warehousing and distribution networks; logistics operations; human resources; and macro business considerations.

Phil Reuben, executive director at SCALA, said:

“When it comes to M&A, there is no “one size fits all” solution; every supply chain comes with its own challenges and opportunities unique to its sector and organisation, meaning that every deal and process can look different.

“It’s important to dedicate time to conducting careful analysis, creating a bespoke supply chain and logistics strategy, and ensuring it is implemented successfully, with the aim of creating the highest return vs. cost, risk, and business change.

“Our good practice guide is designed to support businesses ahead of their journey and provide key considerations to take into account along the way, offering readers expert advice, helpful prompts, and questions to ask to help secure supply chain success.”

Download the guide here.

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