Warehousing Strategy Evaluation

Public Sector Services Company

Background & Brief

The client has made proposals to the Industry Regulator to significantly enhance network resilience through the reliability, availability and maintainability of asset and spares inventory. The basis of these proposals is the development of two sites, each site to include two warehouses. On each site there would be one warehouse of standard construction and one of specialist construction for the storage of specialist products. The proposals have not been accepted by Ofgem. The Client requires a review to assess the validity of their proposals whilst providing an enhanced rationale or alternatively the development of new proposals.

Project Approach

  • SCALA carried out a full and detailed assessment of the current warehouse facilities considering options for refurbishment The needs of the business were assessed in terms of location, size of facility, optimal storage conditions, accessibility, etc Project costings were presented
  • Benefits & Results

    SCALA presented an optimised solution together with a sub-optimal alternative at lower capital cost This enabled the client to re-present an improved and more cost-effective solution to the Industry Regulator with a clear and justifiable rationale

    Final Outcome

    Revised proposal submitted to the Industry Regulator
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