Warehouse Assessment

Major Flooring Supplier

Background & Brief

SCALA had undertaken previous work for this client. However, business has grown significantly resulting in clear inefficiencies within the warehouse operation and major concerns about the suitability of the current warehouse, in terms of size, processes and systems, to cope with anticipated future growth. A review is required which ideally will provide some short to medium term wins but the main objective is to identify what needs to be done to future-proof the operation looking at a 5-10 year window.

Project Approach

  • SCALA initially ensured they had a clear understanding of the current operation undertaking a detailed review of all skus, movements in and out of the warehouse, costs, KPIs layouts etc
  • SCALA identified operational and storage inefficiencies and the root causes of problems
  • SCALA considered a range of options to provide short/medium term wins and options to future proof the warehouse.
  • Benefits & Results

    SCALA identified a range of options and a preferred recommendation covering:
  • Layouts that fitted within existing operation
  • Throughput capacities related to the current future projected requirements
  • Budget Costs and Operational Savings
  • Ease of Implementation
  • Changes to existing buildings Options for on-site development of new buildings and new processes New equipment Capacities, efficiencies, service implications etc
  • Final Outcome

    Subject to board approval and the continuation of current market conditions the next phase will be the development of a detailed proposal and full financial justification.
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