Supply Chain Planning Review & Re-Engineering

Short Shelf Life Bread Manufacturer

Background & Brief

The client, a manufacturer of bread products (Ambient & Frozen) was experiencing significant issues around service, stock obsolescence & production efficiency. There were significant concerns around the production planning (& wider supply chain planning) processes, systems, behaviours & capabilities and the client required a speedy, honest & fundamental review as to what was going wrong and how this needed to be remedied. SCALA were requested to complete this within 3 weeks.

Project Approach

  • Significant time was spent within the businesses understanding the current issues, ways of working, systems used and organisational capability – this was in the main achieved by spending time with the key individuals involved in the process and the key business stakeholders
  • From this an end to end understanding of the supply chain planning processes was achieved, a clear view of the operational performance was stablished and an identification of the key issues
  • A recommendation of various improvements – process, systems, organisational – was provided with clear next steps to achieve implementation
  • Benefits & Results

  • SCALA made a comprehensive set of recommendations that would make very significant improvements to service, waste & productivity performance
  • The key recommendations were pragmatic and could be actioned within a matter if weeks eg a new base weekly production plan was provided for immediate implementation
  • Longer term strategy recommendations were also provided eg a future strategy as to how to balance Ambient & Frozen planning
  • Given that the client was in high growth and projecting future high growth particularly a recommendation as to future organisational structure was provided
  • Final Outcome

    The recommendations, presented to the Exec Board of the business gave the client a clear pathway to resolving its Production & wider supply chain planning challenges
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