Future Warehouse & Operations Capability Modelling

Logistics Provider

Background & Brief

This client offers a wide range of developing services in the parcels, packets and mail sectors and was expanding rapidly with a requirement for flexibility in both volume and services. SCALA were engaged to review the site capabilities and current capacities and to build a model which could be used as a business and operational support tool.

Project Approach

The project approach combined;
  • A practical operations assessment of all 6 UK sites examining the range of services each offered, the operations methods, the planning, the timings and the space used for each operation
  • Process Mapping all the services and all the operational activities
  • Analysis of operational; timing (24 hour clock) for every activity
  • A detailed evaluation of volume data by service, by operation, by site for current year and seven year projection
  • The development of KPIs for every service and operation (combining fixed and variable parameters)
  • Identification of Improvement opportunities
  • Development of a capacity model
  • Benefits & Results

    The benefits and results of the project have included the following key outputs;
  • SCALA provision of a detailed capacity model with a seven year projection by hour by depot.
  • Model enabled the company to test scenarios on an on-going basis including volume and services developments
  • Production of user friendly charts providing visibility of future space
  • Identification of Depot bottlenecks and prioritisation for future sites
  • Capacity checks for use in evaluating new business
  • Final Outcome

    SCALA continued to work with the client to model and optimise the national transport network, and to evaluate acquisition opportunities.
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