Design of new Warehouse & Operations Process

Major Supplier of Government Services

Background & Brief

This company was a major provider of a range of specialist services required by Government. The company was bidding for a new service for a department requiring warehousing and processing on a large scale basis and called in SCALA to undertake a detailed design.

Project Approach

SCALA were required to very rapidly understand both the Department’s requirements and the expert knowledge, capabilities and expertise the client were able to offer This provided SCALA with a framework to design a complete operation incorporating :-
  • Receipt and Security operations
  • Document Handling, Classification and Processing
  • Automated Storage of Processed Documents
  • Tracked Despatch to Customers
  • Benefits & Results

    SCALA produced for a new building a model of the new operation and an animated simulation of the operations which included
  • Detailed Layouts including conveyoring and automation,
  • Process Design and Mapping
  • Throughput Capacities related to the current future projected requirements
  • Resourcing & Capital Costs Video of Proposed Operation
  • Final Outcome

    The client was extremely happy with the project undertaken and included this in their overall bid. Decision awaited.
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