Customer Call Centre Review

Supplier of Electrical Appliances

Background & Brief

The client utilises the services of two third party Call Centres, one for UK and the second for Europe. Both are underperforming versus expectations to support consumers, especially with growing needs of the B2C business and a planned re-launch of a major brand in 2022. Several main areas of shortfall in performance - rules based rather than timely and empathetic response to complaints, they are both considered a risk to trust in brand, both have failed to mange the impact of COVID and there is an Inconsistent customer journey and process. The UK contract is about to end and the European contract has formally already ended but was continuing on a month-by-month basis. The client would like to identify one pan-European Call Centre who can recruit, train and retain market leading contact handlers, who have a simple one view system for all products and communications channels, who will deliver consistent standards of customer experience and performance versus KPIs, who will deal with key risks, support the development of a better customer experience and provide data support etc

Project Approach

  • Investigation - contract review, performance review, benchmarking of performance, establish and agree service requirements
  • Identify, assess and short-list pan-European service providers, agree requirements and standards required for inclusion in tender, create tender document, carry out due diligence on short-list
  • Issue of tender, take questions, enter detailed discussions, review and analyse quotations and make recommendations
  • Agree draft contract and set in motion process for move. Handover to newly appointed Customer Service Manager
  • Benefits & Results

  • A single call centre was identified with superb resources, capability and commitment
  • A financially good contract was agreed
  • Final Outcome

    New and extremely effective Call Centre
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