3PL Best Practice Forum

For over a decade, SCALA has facilitated two supply chain best practice forums for grocery and home appliance manufacturers, bringing together director-level delegates to share industry best practice and enable learning and collaboration in a perpetually changing marketplace. 

With the industry set to face significant changes over the next 10 years, SCALA has now launched its third Best Practice Forum, which supports small and medium 3PLs to come together, identify barriers to improvement and tackle the challenges facing the logistics industry that are too big for any one business to solve. 

The Best Practice Forum for 3PLs will bring together business leaders to explore and navigate issues, including:

  • Navigating the energy transition in HGVs and renewable energy sources in warehousing
  • Promoting the industry as an attractive prospect for employees 
  • Optimising profitability through the implementation of robotics and automation.

Membership is on an Annual fee-paying basis and includes:

  • Four Quarterly meetings per annum
  • Two attendees per company
  • Member input to discussion topics
  • Industry Expert guest speakers
  • Industry Surveys on “Hot Topics” and areas of interest from companies 
  • Members only Website and discussion forum
  • Access to all presentations from meetings, data and survey results

For more information, please contact [email protected].

SCALA acts as a “Trusted Neutral” ensuring total confidentiality. All member companies abide by competition law and do not operate as a cartel or in a coordinated way to disadvantage suppliers/customers. The Forum will not discuss individual business or commercial strategies.

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