Inventory Management

Supply Chain Planning Consultants

Supply and demand planning is absolutely key in delivering high quality service levels aligned to the customer offer whilst also minimising working capital, storage, handling and obsolescence. SCALA’s supply chain and inventory models combined with real expertise support our clients to identify and understand the optimum levels, to plan how to achieve these and then to support execution.

The scope of our supply chain consultant assignments encompasses:

  • Demand and supply forecasting
  • Procurement policies
  • Promotions and sales fluctuations
  • Supplier reliability and lead times
  • Vendor and co-managed inventory
  • Supporting IT systems

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Demand Planning
Using key Forecasting and Planning insights, SCALA Consultants can accurately assess Demand aspects such as time horizons and brackets, key processes (base and event planning, level of forecasting over time periods), your current expected KPIs, and more. SCALA Consulting run Demand Planning workshops, which have met with a high degree of interest and been praised for their practical relevance. If you’re interested in what we can do for your Demand Planning, then please get in touch today.