Supply Chain Strategy

AEO Accreditation

It is almost universally accepted that AEO accreditation will enable smoother cross-border movements in the post-Brexit world. This is what the CILT Customs & International Trade Compliance forum says – “What can be clearly seen…is that the AEO is one of the key facilitators to ease border crossing formalities in the post-Brexit future.” In the case of a “hard Brexit”, AEO Accreditation is likely to be hugely beneficial for both UK/EU movements and non-EU movements – this will increase pressures on HMRC.

Post Brexit trading arrangements with the EU remain unresolved and the three key alternatives continue to exist:

  • No deal – UK leaves the EU March 2019 implementing full third country border crossing arrangements (“no deal”/”Hard Brexit”)
  • UK remains in the customs union until December 2020 (enabling an implementation period) with a customs partnership that allows for similar processes as today
  • UK remains in the customs union until December 2020 with a type of Trade Agreement with full third country border formalities in place hopefully having improved processes to ensure maximum facilitation at the border

Until fairly recently all the focus has been around what will option 3 look like (albeit with clearly very different views on each side). However, as time moves on we believe that the likelihood of the first option has substantially increased and indeed some government sources have recently advised this has now become a probability rather than a possibility. If this happens then the likelihood and severity of disruption to UK/EU cross border movements becomes very significant.

It is also likely to mean that existing non EU import/export movements will also be affected as HMRC is overwhelmed with handling UK/EU movements. With focus & correct management the AEO Accreditation process can be completed within 6 months.

We believe that the time to act on AEO accreditation is now.

The service SCALA is offering is based on end to end managed accreditation. This includes;

  • HMRC application form completion
  • Gap analysis
  • Gap closure
  • HMRC audit management
  • Full liaison with HMRC
  • Full accreditation management control documentation

SCALA is an experienced resource with AEO accreditation experience and knowledge. The service will be provided for a fixed fee, and SCALA will commit to successful AEO accreditation within said fee.