SCALA work with investment organisations, private equity groups etc and direct with companies to support them through mergers and acquisitions

Increasingly the supply chain is a vital factor in M&A with companies needing to truly understand the benefits and competitive advantages that can result from potential synergies across the whole supply chain

Often SCALA’s involvement commences when businesses are looking at potential acquisitions but equally we are frequently called upon to assist post acquisition to identify and realise tangible real benefits

The synergy benefits that our experienced teams evaluate and assess cover

  • Cost improvements
  • Resilience improvements
  • Customer Service improvements

We do this by combining comprehensive and detailed modelling analysis with in-depth experience of these types of project.   Our assessments and evaluations cover of the whole ‘end to end’ supply chain including :

  • Sourcing
  • Manufacturing
  • Product Flows
  • Inventory
  • Product and Customer Portfolios  
  • Transportation
  • Logistics Infrastructures
  • Warehousing
  • Customer Delivery
  • Customer Service

As a result we are able to provide the companies involved with clear assessments and quantifications of the synergy benefits and an optimal supply chain that supports the business strategy and potential future scenarios whilst also addressing the practical realities, the challenges to be faced and the timescales involved

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