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SCALA Consultants use a range of modelling tools to optimise logistics and supply chain costs, as well as levels of customer service. The scope that our consultants offer can range from raw material supply through to customer delivery, taking into account sourcing and manufacturing locations, customer service, and inventory levels in order to provide clear evaluation and quantification of network options. Our approach to logistics network design consultancy is specifically honed in order to meet competitive industry standards.

SCALA assesses a range of different scenarios including future potential business projections.

Our evaluations will demonstrate the effect of trade-offs between costs and service, between manufacturing, stock, warehousing and transport, and subsequently assess the impact of “greenfield” options compared with retaining some or all of the current facilities.

Our assignments include preparing business cases, including resource levels, operating cost budgets, capital commitments, HR, IT and environmental impacts together with developing roadmaps and risk assessments. For more information about our network design services, please get in contact today here, or refer to the contact details at the bottom of the page. See some of our case studies below.

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