Fresh Connection team ‘Concentr8’ Share Competition Tips

SCALA no longer run the fresh connection as a UK competition. However SCALA  does provide independent objective expertise in supply chain strategy and the “end to end” management of total supply chains.

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Fresh Connection Participants Norbert Dentressangle share their Top 5 Tips for a Successful Fresh Connection Experience

Norbert Dentressangle’s Fresh Connection team “Concentra8” have found themselves unable to sustain the dizzy heights of the global qualifying rounds, and have been left to taste the bitterness of their own, frankly poor quality oranges.

The team is keen to increase their ROI throughout the rest of SCALA’s renowned competition where company teams are fighting to save a failing juice manufacturing business.

Team Concentr8 are planning on rectifying their overselling and underperforming mishaps by calling upon their newfound knowledge from taking part in the competition to date.

1. “The most reliable way to forecast the future is to understand the present”.

2. Treat oranges with the respect they deserve, orange capsules (named Frespressie in The Fresh Connection simulation) have the lifespan of an ice cube in the desert and must be handled   with care.

3. A million pounds worth of fines is something that probably should be addressed.

4. The dictionary is wrong: An “Obsolete” project does not mean something is redundant – it means something that is going to cost you a fortune.

5. PET Bottles is currently an abbreviation for “Pure Evil’s Toy”, but soon to become “Profit Every Time”.

Hopefully such frank reflection will bear fruit in the forthcoming tasks ahead and the Concentr8 team can ‘sheikh’ things up and complete a remarkable turnaround in order to pip their rivals to the International Finals in Dubai this September.


   The Concentr8 team are considering taking up alternative employment.

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