Why We’re Called SCALA Consulting

The name SCALA came to company founder John Perry while he was at a pizza restaurant on a family holiday in Italy in 2001.

‘Scala’ means stairs or stairway in Italian; The English words escalator and scale are derived from this, with contemporary meanings including ‘to climb and reach the highest point’ and ‘to adapt to new conditions’.

SCALA’s approach reflects such progressive ideals – breaking down projects into smart, manageable steps, and working with clients to help them to innovate supply chain and logistics change, deliver real results, and to reach new levels of business success. At SCALA we’re continually striving to assist our clients to ascend to be the best in the industry.

Over the years SCALA has forged excellent relationships with our clients, and it is our goal that these are continually improved and that we positively contribute to the wider development of the industry.