MARS UK Runners Up in Global Fresh Connection Competition 2011

SCALA no longer run the fresh connection as a UK competition. However SCALA  does provide independent objective expertise in supply chain strategy and the “end to end” management of total supply chains.

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Following on from their triumph in the UK competition Mars UK travelled to Italy to compete for the global title of Fresh Connection Supply Chain Champions 2011. The intense final incorporated additional game features including internet sales opportunities, equipment procurement and competition for additional customers with Mars UK successfully achieving second place and an impressive return on investment score of 16%.

The eventual winners of the competition proved to be Bavaria of the Netherlands with other teams coming from as far afield as Australia and South Africa representing the likes of Phillip Morris and Volvo.

The Mars team commented that:
“It was a challenging test of decision making, commercial awareness and learning agility that requires each individual to understand the impact of their role and actions on the profitability of the whole business. It also offers an excellent opportunity for networking and learning best practice from other businesses in different FMCG areas to our own”.

SCALA are excited to announce that the Fresh Connection experience will return in 2012 with plans in place to significantly enhance the competition over the coming year. An updated version of the simulation will incorporate innovative and new features which will be supported by an improved range of delivery options including intensive 2 day competitions across the country and customised packages to meet the precise needs of our clients.

For any further information on sponsorship opportunities or participation in next year’s Fresh Connection Competition, please contact Dean Starr on 01484 437497 or at

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